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Why a Wine Fridge is a Good Investment

So you’re a beer aficionado but you’re starting to discover wine. When it comes to kegs and coolers, there’s nothing that you don’t know. But when it comes to wine refrigerators, that’s a who new ball game for you. So your question is: is it time to invest in a wine fridge?

Four Things to Consider Before Buying a Wine Fridge

Before really diving into this new thing, there are a few things that you want to consider. How many bottles have you collected so far? Has it reached a point that you really need to put them in one place? Some wine collectors are in this situation right now and below are their suggestions:

  1. When is the right time to buy?

If you have 20 to 30 bottles in your home and you live in an area where overheating is a problem, it’s time to invest in a wine bottle. Wine collection requires that you have a stable temperature so if you live in an area where there is a constant drastic change in temperature, you have to invest in a wine fridge. A wine fridge is also necessary if you want to age your collection and have no plans of using them immediately.

  1. What are the benefits of owning one?

Do you know that wine can be fragile? It is highly sensitive to light, humidity and temperature. If you want to protect your collections from these elements, you need to buy a fridge. A bottle of wine that has been stored in an apartment unit with unstable temperature can taste bad within a couple of weeks. If you have a fridge, your wine will have correct and constant temperature and it’s protected from sunlight and heat.

  1. Considerations when choosing a wine fridge

When you have finally decided to buy a fridge, here are a few final considerations:

  • Size of the fridge—When you decide to buy your first fridge, don’t just consider the bottles that you already have. You have to look forward to future bottles that you will buy. You have to consider also where you will place it because it can eat up some space.

  • Noise level—In relation to where you will put your fridge, you have to consider the noise level. Those who are living in small apartments mostly opted for a low-noise model.

  • Temperature options—Read some reviews in order to choose the model that has a stable temperature. Most small models do break down easily.

  • Humidity control—If you intend to store your bottles for a long time, make sure to maintain humidity at 50 percent. This will ensure that your bottles will age well.

  • Hardware—There are fridges that boast a wooden rack while others have stainless racks. The real difference is your preference.

  1. How to organize you wine fridge

You do need to organize what you put inside your fridge. This will make looking for your bottle easy especially when you already have collected a lot.