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Why Adding a Pet Labradoodle to The Family Is Awesome

We all love dogs! That’s a fact. Everywhere around the world these days, you’ll see how dogs have become a big part of every family’s life. Are you planning to get your first pet dog? Or do you have plans of adding one more pet dog for your family?


In this article we attempt to answer the question: are labradoodles good family dogs? When you’re planning to get a pet dog, the Labradoodle is probably an awesome choice. It does can be an excellent family pet. And there are many reasons why choosing Labradoodle is a great idea.

What is Labradoodle

If you aren’t familiar with this breed, then here’s a little background. It is a crossbreed of a Lab Retriever and a Poodle. It started to gain popularity because it was known as a hypoallergenic guide dog, meaning it’s a low-allergen dog. Thus, it can really be a perfect pet for kids.

It is such an energetic dog. It also requires constant training because it has the chance of forgetting what you’ve taught him. And eventually does things as he likes and forgets about manners. Labradoodle also needs regular exercise to maintain his health and well-being.

Why an Awesome Family Pet?

Obviously, Labradoodle makes a perfect pet for your family, most especially if you have kids. This combination or a Lab and a poodle has a friendly nature and highly trainable. The Labradoodle is also known to be very affectionate and playful.

A Labradoodle’s energy is unlimited. Thus, he can go with your family bonding moments. You can teach him tricks, run and play all over the place. Their obedient nature will make things easy for you. They even look so cuddly and cute, that you won’t regret having one.

 Things to Remember

If you decide to get a Labradoodle at home, you got to remember some important things if you want to have a healthy and well groomed pet. First, remember that this breed needs up to 2 hours of exercise every day. This dog’s energy is unlimited, thus, at least giving him a couple hours of walk will give him some time off and maintains a healthy body.

Another thing that you need to keep an eye on is proper grooming. Because its coat looks for fluffy like a poodle, lots of combing and brushing are needed.  And do you know that Labradoodle are considered mud-magnets? They tend to get attracted to wet and muddy areas, which will definitely get their coat dirty. Regular combing will at least keep them clean.

You also have to watch what they eat. They need good quality and highly nutritious dog food to eat to make sure that they get the right nutrition needed. They exert more energy every day, thus they need sufficient vitamins and minerals to keep them going.

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Get Yours!

Labradoodle sounds like a perfect pet for your family isn’t it? Then, if you decide to get one, get it from the reliable breeders. That’s the only way that you can be sure that it’s healthy and well bred. Some might show some genetic illnesses such as blindness, which they got from the parents. A reliable dog breeder will make sure that prevent this disease from entering the new breed bloodlines.