Year Without Disney

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If you want to try avoiding Disney movies, shows or anything related to it, it will be a hard time to reach that goal especially if you have kids who really loves watching Disney stuff. In order to prevent them from watching Disney stuff, you need to divert their attention to something else. Fun family activities and other events can be a helpful thing to help them divert themselves away from watching Disney stuff. Here are some of the tips to help you get started.


Letting them discover and/or choose their sports is one of the best ways to divert their attention from watching Disney movies. They will be hooked with playing and learning their chosen sport that they will have no time to think about watching Disney movies.

Family Activities

Another great way to divert your attention from watching Disney movies is by having lots of family activities. This can be sports, vacations and the likes. This way, you can’t only divert your attention from Disney movies; you can also increase family bonds.

Attending Workshops

If your kids love activities, then attending workshops can be a great way to divert their attention from watching Disney movies. They will love attending workshops especially if they love the activity that they are doing, they will definitely divert their attention to the said workshop instead to looking out to more upcoming Disney movies.

Watch Other Shows

If you don’t want to see Disney movies or shows, there are many out there that are still great alternatives to Disney movies and shows. If you are looking for movies with rich story and great animation, you can try Studio Ghibili films; these are anime and are also aimed towards young viewers, though even adults can get hit too because of their richness and value.

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