Year Without Disney

Spring cleaning…in November!

Here I come again with another story of how I remove clutter, junk, save the world, be a mom, renovate some stuff, and give stuff a fresh start.  Speaking of a fresh start, I do believe that there are some things that cannot be given a second chance.  They are simply past that.  For example, some of my girls’ stuff in the garage.  But then, there are some others that could do.

This is when I decide to repurpose, and I know I have shared some tips on reusing some stuff that you probably took for dead.  When my daughters were younger, I remember taking huge delight in buying them toys.  Some of these toys got really exploited to the point of seeing crippled dolls using a house-made crutch.

But other toys did not have much success.  It was like the little girls got excited about them for a day or two, but then it was thrown into the pit of oblivion.  By “pit of oblivion” I mean our backyard.

So, It Began

So I decided to do some spring cleaning, in November!   Now, I wished I could come up with a really good reason of why I decided to do this during this time of the year.  But it was just this sort of epiphany I had when I saw this clutter of doll limbs inside a bucket.

I gathered my daughters and we started the digging and cleaning.  I do not need to explain to you the feeling you get when you are removing stuff from your backyard.  There was this beautiful frame that was chipped on a corner only and the glass shattered.  “Let’s save this one, all I need is to buy a new glass and I can live with the missing corner, right?”

“Stop, mom”, I heard my daughter say.  There went the once glorious picture frame.  We were not having it.  This spring cleaning was going to be exhaustive and complete.

The Swings

We kept finding some stuff that we had to decide if to throw them to the garbage pile or keep them to sell them.  We honestly did not find many things to sell.  I usually have this feeling that if it is useless to me, there is no way it can be useful to anyone.  Yes, I have been proven the opposite several times, so I guess I am just stubborn that way.

But there was no way I was putting a chipped photo frame with a broken and stained glass in a garage sale, I tell you that!  Anyways, we moved to the yard, where we had a set of swings for kids.  I came to realize that my daughters are not the little girls they once were.  They tried the swings again and it was not happening.

But even I wanted to use the swings myself!  Because deep inside, we are still children and there is nothing wrong with wanting to swing like little kids, on a swing.  I upgraded the old swings for swing sets for older kids.

They look fantastic now.  I love the feeling of excitement they bring to the backyard.

To Throw or Not To Throw

That was the question at some point.  But this was cleaning and I decided.  It all goes down.  Except for the swings and some little features that we used to decorate the yard a little more, everything went to waste.

Ah, it feels great to have all the clutter cleaned up and to see how tidy they backyard looks like.  We even installed a small tent with some tables to celebrate our Christmas dinner.  It was fantastic!