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How I planned the opening party for my new gym

It has been a long-term dream of my partner and I to run our own fitness gym. Being gym rats ourselves, we developed a vision of how we wanted our fitness studio to look like. After years of being slaves to our corporate jobs and thorough research of running this kind of fitness model, we eventually managed to start making our dreams come to life. It all started with determining the location of our gym, to the overall design. You see, it has greatly helped that we envisioned this for a long time, which means we were no longer planning blindly on how we want the gym to be. While everything was basically anticipated and went smoothly as planned, there was one thing that we haven’t prepared for – the grand opening.

Apparently, the launching or opening of any business is one of the most crucial parts of the early business operations. We may have lots of experience with fitness programs, but organizing one great party for our business venture is something totally new to us. Fortunately, with the help of friends, we were able to come up with the perfect opening party for our gym, something beyond what we could have imagined. It may have meant moving the opening date a bit later than planned, but the slight delay was worth it after seeing the pictures of how the party went. With this, I am excited to share with you how we managed to pull off our gym opening party.

Ask around
After getting over the quick panic on organizing the party, I eventually came back to my senses and started asking friends about tips or leads that may help us with our event. They were able to tell us the best event organizers in Denver, as well as the supplies shops that can provide all our party needs.

Trim down options
One surprise we experienced in this whole process of event organizing is that the mere service of an event organizer can be amazingly expensive. We weren’t that keen on spending too much money on a half-day event, so we started trimming down our options based on the budget we were willing to spare for the event. We ended up with only top three choices for an event organizer and caterer in Denver.

Be clear in what you want
As advised by friends, we did not let the organizers tell us what to do. Instead, we were clear with what we wanted upfront so we did not waste any time discussing things. Fortunately, the service provider we chose was extremely responsive with our requests, so everything went smoothly. The food selection was also crucial for us, since we wanted the selection to be consistent with our fitness recipes, as well. The catering services were particularly supportive of our attempt to serve healthy but sumptuous meals for the opening.

Do not overdo the decorations
I know most events now are heavy on decorations, themes, and all that. However, we did not want to crowd the whole area with too much accessories since we wanted our invited guests and potential clients to see first hand how the gym looks like. In fact, we also included a brief tour and orientation to our gym area as part of the opening party. We’ve always believed that decorations are there to accentuate the event, not to be the highlight of the event.

Overall, our opening event was a lot of fun and success. Looking back, the little investment we put into the opening party proved to be worth it. It will go down as one of the best parts of our gym operation, which has been going on for two months now.