Year Without Disney

Meet our new puppy!

Perro, Cachorro, Labradoodle, Blanco, Hundeportrait

My daughters and I have always been fond of pets.  But with all the remodeling and removing Disney stuff, I found myself swarmed up with work.  So, I had decided to put a halt on this.  It just felt that having a dog at the moment was just going to be one more responsibility I did not need at the moment.

I feel like tides went low and the work was not as exhausting.  Perhaps I was like I do not want to go back through the hectic changes and maybe a pup was just going to bring me back to it.  My entire childhood I lived with pets as my dad was pretty fond of them.   I remember him having this Pointer that he loved to take on hunting trips.

My point is that I really knew what it took to raise a pet.  I am not the type of just dropping them in a backyard to their own devices.  I know that it requires an investment in food, vaccines, medication, veterinarian, etc.  I just thought it would be a no-no for pets.

But Along Came my Girls

If I loved animals since I was a little child. I guess my daughters inherited that from me.  They were excited about the idea of a puppy and they would not let it go.  I set my cards on the table trying to explain my rationale on why we did not need a dog right now.

But kids will be kids and they were not taking no for an answer.  They also place their cards and made a pretty convincing case.  Who would know they were so good at bargaining? Ha!

What to Look For

Once I had a change of heart regarding a dog, I decided we would have to make an educated decision on what to get.  One of the many dogs I remembered my father had, there was this Labradoodle that my mother cherished pretty much.  What I knew about Labradoodle is that they are pretty devoted and faithful dogs.

So we contacted a local Labradoodle breeder to consult about what it took to raise such dog.  One important thing that I was told is that these dogs had increased in popularity during the last years.  It was probably not that popular when my dad had his.  Today, these dogs are very loved by countless families.

But the experts told me that this does not necessarily work in their favor as many irresponsible people take advantage of their popularity to sell dogs that have not been breed appropriately.  The last thing I needed was a dog that was prone to cancer or any other terrible disease.

As Happy as Can Be

Today we have this beautiful Labradoodle puppy.  He is the cutest ball of fur and my girls could not be more excited.  In fact, I surprised them with him and I think I scored big on the mommy scale.

But very importantly, I have set some rules about maintenance and everything else regarding proper care of our pooch.  At all the points, they nodded vibrantly.