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I Made my Backyard More Kid-Friendly to Encourage Outside Play

I am all about getting kids off the TV and having them go out for some fun time.  I really was not too much of a fan of being the mom who has to plow my daughters off their tablets and force them to go get some sun.  Instead, I took the option of actually have the backyard invite them in.  This is how I started making my backyard more kid-friendly.

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Let me take you on a journey of all the elements I added to my backyard in order to make it more enticing for my little girls.  Fortunately, my backyard is level and green and is able to hold several elements just nicely.  All I needed to do was fix a thing or two, and add some things to make it more colorful.

The Patio

Given that the patio is the exit to the yard, I thought I’d give that one a touch.  Now, I was on a budget so I had to get creative there.  I placed a nice chalkboard outside so that my girls could go on and draw or even study for school.  But one thing I also needed there was some shade.   Since I thought that it would work, I tried with a little tent but then the shade was not what I was looking for.

Instead, I went with retractable awnings.  These are not really that easy to install, so you should hire a professional for assistance.  Now, I can have protection from the sun but I can also enjoy the nice spring wind.

Playful Elements

But the most fundamental part was the part where kids were attracted to the playground.  I found some used car tires and re-purposed them.  I build a small house in the middle of the yard.

The idea was that kids would not only want to come visit but also stay in the yard.  I had to beat Netflix and YouTube and have my girls want to actually come and play with mom.

I have two huge trees in my yard.  I took advantage of this by hanging two lines between them.  Kids use them to walk the easy rope.

Safety First

One of the first things to look into is safety.  Making a yard kid-friendly is not all about painting rainbows and unicorns.  It also has to do with making it safe for your kids to be.  They will not be static after all but instead running all over the place.

I found a different spot for the water hose since I saw that the girls could stumble upon it and fall.  Except for a little path, I tried to avoid the use of rocks or any other sharp building element.  For the little playground made of wood, I always verify that there is no nail or shard hazard.

You want your kids to come to your backyard more often, not a place where they suffer accidents.  Always keep the safety factor in mind when bringing your playground to life.  Do not leave children unattended especially younger ones.