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How I increased the number of clients I had for my Personal training business

Life being so vertiginous and everything moving so fast, people are finding less time to train to even stay fit. So, whenever one thinks of opening such business, it appears as a futile effort.  This is precisely what I got when I started my own personal training business.  I mean, I really wanted to do what I love and as you know, training is what I love.

So, I was determined to start in the business of helping people achieve their goals.  To open a window of opportunity for those who find it hard to stay fit and healthy.

When I first began, I very soon discovered what people had been trying to warn me about.  The demand for my market was just not thick enough.  No wonder not many people were into this business!

My plan

You see, my parents always taught me that you learn the most from your wrongs than from your rights.  Since I was determined I had to realize that there was something I was doing wrong or not doing at all.  This is when I decided to get the best marketing support.  Basically, I thought that if there are many businesses out there that have set up a marketing strategy and works for them, then it should work for me.  I mean, people make a career out of it, right?

So my marketing plan was set up and ready to roll.  Remember I told you that not many people were interested in fitness or personal training?  Well, I was advised that the first thing I needed to do was make people realize that they do need to exercise and that the best way was with a personal trainer.  Because the trend in the gyms I worked at was people just going above and beyond on their physical endeavors without going in into what was probably more important: their lifestyle.

How it panned out

One of the first things I did was a personal website.  It started nice and chic. It has grown over time.  I remember that one of the first things I put on it was a comment section.  User’s generated content is more reliable than any facts about yourself you can possibly come up with.

Then, I went on with social media.  There was an actually physical part where I printed fliers and delivered them.  I  posted advertiser with little tags for people to take with them.  My advertisers were really compelling.  The idea was to target potential clients by telling them how they needed to change their lifestyle.

This is how my number of clients began to increase.  You see, having a website and a strong presence on social media really does it if you know how to do it right.  People now know me for what I am and what I do.  I find that this is pretty valuable to me.