Year Without Disney

Hiring a business coach took me from working as a personal trainer in a gym, to being my own boss

I am a personal trainer.  I am therefore aware of the importance of having a one-to-one interaction when it comes to wanting to achieve goals.  I had managed to make a living by convincing people that the best way to get things done is to hire a professional to go side by side with you.  A moment came when I realized I was not applying that principle to my own business.

You see, when you work as a personal coach, you get to have many clients from different gyms.  You then create a schedule to work with.  Of course, there is a commission you have to pay to the gym.  In some places, they might hire you with a salary base.  But then, that was never really my dream.  I did get some good deals but having to report to someone was not really cutting it.

Going from employee to independent

So, this was a big step for me to take.  I had to be ethical and let my clients go since they truly belonged to the gym I had met them.  This meant that I would have to begin from scratch.  Was it a long shot?  Oh yes, it was!  But then, I had already made some savings and thought I could manage for some months.

Then I made a very important decision.  That was to hire the best business coach.  I thought of it as an investment.  Plus, I thought to myself, if I know that personal coaching is important in fitness, then it should apply in business.  It was the best decision I made for my business.

My business coach and I

One of the things I appreciated the most about my coach was the level of expertise she had.  She brought in some ideas from her experience as a business coach.  My marketing program was set to be executed and it proved to be effective.  I really felt like she was in with me on the business.  Like we were partners.  This generated in me a lot of trust in what the future was holding for me.

The results

Easy to see, I am my own boss now and respond to no one.  I have grown my client’s database exponentially and now I do hirings of my own.  I still love to do fitness coaching but I also have a staff that helps me with those endeavors.  I actually enjoy business and I believe that it was my coach who instilled that passion in me.

For those of you out there willing to start your own business, I couldn’t recommend more getting a business coach.  You will soon learn that this is an investment that takes a little time to pay off.