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How to get rid of lice on your child

You need to get rid of lice if your child has caught them.  Not only are they annoying and itchy but they can easily be passed on. They are gross and it is best if you eliminate them from your child´s hair at once.

Spring is a great time for lice eggs to sprout. Conditions are met for their development so it is important that you stay alerted.  If your child is constantly scratching their head, a simple head inspection will confirm if they have lice or not.  Once on your child´s head (or your own!), these parasites will not go away on their own.  You have to clear them off your child´s head.  Go through the following steps to get rid of mice on your child´s hair.

Confirm the diagnosis

The signs of lice are pretty obvious.  Your child is constantly scratching their head.  Go over his hair and look for tiny eggs that look like specks of dust.  A louse is not microscopic and it is relatively easy to spot.  You might see them walking on your child’s scalp or along a hair.

Check the entire family for lice

Once you have confirmed the infestation on your child or children, go over the entire family.  Lice can be easily transmitted from person to person by pure hair contact.  It can also be transmitted through sharing of head wear.  If your children like to play together, they are all probably infected.

It is important that you start the treatment on everyone infected to get rid of them all at once.  Wash the bed clothes of the infected at least 48 hours before treatment in case some lice fell off their hair somehow.  If you have close friends that visit frequently, you might want to give them a call and have them check their own child.

Find the best method to remove the lice

Use a special shampoo to kill the bug and the nits.  Wash once and then use a metallic lice comb to slide through and bring off the parasite and its eggs.  This method is effective but it takes some time.

You can also use lice medicine combined with a lice comb.  Many parents take this option as it is pretty effective at getting rid of the nuisance.  Find out which are the natural products at the drugstore that will treat lice.

As an alternative, some families use the special comb alone.  This is ok, but you have to make sure that all the bugs and eggs have been taken off.

Treat again

It is very important that you apply the treatment a second time, at least 10 days later.  Some nits are resistant to most pesticides.  There is a chance that they were very well hidden and survived the poisoning.  Apply the shampoo or medicine again just to be sure that your child is lice-free.

This is definitively one annoying plague you need to get rid of.  If you were to have any other infestation from any other animal, contact the best pest removal company to help you out.