Year Without Disney

I Finished Redecorating my Kitchen!

And I am loving it!  You know me.  Just like you, I love to redecorate things.  They just give you this fresh feeling of a new start.  The feeling is simply awesome.  That is only one of the reasons why I decided to redecorate my house’s kitchen.

The kitchen is probably the most important section of a house.  It is to me at least.  This is where amazing things happen, not only when it comes to cuisine.  It is simply exciting.  Probably the most visited part of the house, it tends to get old and rusty.

My kitchen, in particular, was starting to look a bit gloomy.  I really cannot stand a space lacking the spark that makes it habitable.  There also comes a point in which you get kind of tired of the same decorations after the years.  I felt like I needed a fresher view for my sore eyes.

Ok, so now let me share with you the four aspects of my new kitchen that I love the most.  I´m sure you will love them too!

The Floor

Let me start by saying that I love hardwood floor.  But after a while and many spills, it was just looking stale.  So I decided to revamp it and get it furnished.  It now looks so pristine, shiny, and inviting.  I was going to place some anti-fatigue mats but then I thought they would not add to the view, so I only placed a small one next to the stove.

It actually looks nice.  To protect my new floor, I placed some floor guides for the stove and refrigerator. Not that I want to move them from where they are right now, but then I might drop something behind and might need to budge them a little.

The Appliances

No, I did not buy new appliances.   I simply changed their position a little.  I was not able to move the stove since I did not move the hood.  I did place the refrigerator in a different spot and I really like its new place.  I have this small oven which I switched with the microwave oven.  Not much of a change but enough for me.

The Island

I had the island polished and set the tiles again as some were close to falling.  I did not make too many changes on the island.  However, I did place some new decorations for it to look prettier.  I even set a little vase in the middle.  Let´s see how that goes.

The Blinds

Probably my favorite part.  My beautiful blinds from Sonata Designs were the cherry on my pie.  I really love the sturdiness and quality.  They really brought my kitchen to life.  They are so convenient and they help me effectively control the amount of light that enters the kitchen.