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How Disney Lies to Young Girls about Love

Who doesn’t know the famous line, “and they live happily ever after”? That’s probably one of the most popular part of a fantasy story. It makes young girls believe that love always have a happy ending. And you would always end up with one prince charming that will stick your gut forever.

Well, maybe it’s time to burst your bubble. Do you know that when it comes to love, Disney actually lies to the many young girls in the world? They seem to make it look like love is fun, full of joy and exciting. And every couple will have a happy everlasting life.

The Truth

The kind of love that Disney portrays is far from reality. Yet we can’t blame them. When it comes to the truth about love and relationship, we can’t really tell all the young girls all over the world how awful it would get. Concealing the truth can also be good especially for the young ones who doesn’t understand things the mature way. Thus making it looks like love is such a wonderful thing might be a good idea.

Love on Disney movies are considered perfect and delightful. Having two people meet each other, sort of a Divine Matchmaking project of the heavens, will fall in love, will beat all odds and then end up on each other arms and they will live happily ever after. Well, that can be true to some, but definitely not for all.

For adults who have experienced the real life love, hurt and pain, things are surely different from what Disney depicts. For instance, true love’s kiss isn’t always the cure for all curses. That doesn’t apply to the real world. And love at first sight? How can you love someone whom you just met? Another this is that, you’ll soon find your soul mate who will love you and cherish you the moment your eyes met. Sounds like a real magic, but that definitely doesn’t exist.

Young Love

With all the lies that many young girls see in the movies, it’s not impossible that some of them will fall into the trap of “fantasy love”. The latest surveys even show that the number of young girls who get into a relationship at an early age increased. It seems that many of them wanted to experience that thing called love, trying out if it’s really sweet and wonderful.

Yet, most of them are ending up broken, hurt, run away from home or worse, pregnant. That’s the reality of life and love. No prince charming or knight in shining armour that will come to your rescue. And love isn’t always sweet and happy. There is more about love than just a first kiss, running away from the palace or getting rescued by a prince. Love is great. But remember, it would also mean frustrations, pain, compromise and a whole lot more.

So if you have your young ones at home, make sure to let them know that fantasy love is definitely far from the reality!