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How I Dealt with Spit Up and Burp Time with My Two Children

Raising kids is an exciting but challenging experience. What with all the spit ups and burping, how can you preserve your sanity and raise a safe and happy baby? Even with the best burp cloths in hand, you can still experience tough times with your baby.

Spitting, burping and hiccups all occur during and after feeding time. Although feeding time is very important it is the most confusing time for parents. If you’re not careful, your child could lose everything you gave it after a wrong burp, he or she can just vomit everything.

In this article, I will share with you how you can deal with these things successfully.


During feeding, it’s likely that your baby can swallow air. This can make the baby cranky and burp in the wrong time and possibly vomit. While this is common for bottle fed babies, this can also occur even with breast fed babies. When it happens, it is best to allow the baby to stop feeding rather than force the issue which will eventually lead to vomiting.

To continue feeding will only make your baby more cranky and increase the air that was swallowed. This will make him or her even crankier and so begins the vicious cycle of swallowing air, getting cranky and vomiting. Repeat ad infinitum and before you know it, you’re losing your head.

The strategy here is to allow frequent and small burping. Change the baby’s position to reduce the amount of air taken in. This will result in smaller burps which will not irritate the baby. This technique is good either you’re bottle feeding or breastfeeding.


Babies do hiccup occasionally and this bothers the parents more than the baby itself. Hiccuping is actually caused by the same thing—swallowing air. When this happens during feeding, you have to change the baby’s position. The same technique for burping, this will reduce the air being swallowed and stop the hiccupping.

Make sure to wait until the hiccuping is done before you start feeding again. If you feed the baby while still hiccuping, it will only result to vomiting. Don’t wait until the baby is extremely hungry before feeding because this will only result in more hiccups.

Spitting up

Spitting up is another normal occurrence during infancy. This simply means that the baby has eaten more than the stomach can handle. Sometimes this happens while the baby is burping and drooling. This can be messy and again parents would go crazy about this.

To solve this problem, all you need to do is avoid overfeeding the baby. Besides, there really is no point in overfeeding the baby because it will just vomit the food.

Has this article helped you? Do you have some experience with feeding babies? How did you deal with hiccups, spit ups and burping? Did you panic or did you stay calm and dealt with the situation properly? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.