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Why a copyright is so important for mommy bloggers

A blogger is an influential person.  Even if it has very little subscribers.  The 20 or 25 subscribers get an email for every blog post.  Say that 10 out of these are reading the content, it gets there.

Now, having kids and raising them creates an audience that will never end and is always renovating itself.  So, when a mommy is blogging about tips and tricks, there are new mommies that want to read this content.  They do not really want to hear what the so-called pros have to say; they want real-life stories.  Things that worked.

Mommy bloggers are influential

They have solid advice, tips, and they even make money.  When something is so rich, it is worthy of copyright.  This ensures that the content is copyrighted, especially a breakthrough tip or method.  Why are mom bloggers so influential?  Let´s take a look.

  • They are real people.  As stated before, they are not a corporation or the company that makes diapers.  Eventually, a mommy blogger will create a promotional post for a brand but will say so at the end of the writing.  Moms will say things as they are and will usually take in bad comments, offensive tweets, but they will let the good sink and the bad slide.
  • They are highly educational and when you visit one you can be sure you will leave having learned something new.
  • They are entertaining.  It is really fun to read about the mishaps and adventures of being a mom.
  • When a mommy blog becomes an influencer, they are hired by companies to write blog posts.

Why is copyright important?

This is a topic that is not considered by any blogger at all.  Until some kind of infringement happens.  It could be both ways;  either the blogger accuses or gets accused.

Stating the basics, whenever you write something, you own the rights to that content. This means that nobody else is supposed to use that content unless provided an express permission.  The same applies whenever you want to reproduce any content.

As with copyright law, there are some considerations as to what is legal and what is not.  Remember that copyright applies to any intellectual work at the moment of being made, either published or not.  Any copyright infringement action can be perfectly taken at the moment it happens.  So, when does anyone commit an infringement?

So, when does anyone commit an infringement?  When somebody else uses your content and claim it as theirs.

However, there is a concept known as fair use.  According to this exception, there are some circumstances in which content from another place can be used.  You can quote and footnote an excerpt from some other article for example. Now, as to what exactly is acceptable or not, is determined by any profit that could be involved.

Hire experts to better guide you in the copyright of your blog. Nexus Law offers you a wide range of services that you will find useful.  They will help you clear the air to whatever doubts you might have.