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How to control your child’s App time

Technology has taken every aspect of our lives by storm.  Nothing escapes to the long arm of technology, not even our kids.  Yep, those little fellas that do not know the world without the internet.  It seems like mobile apps on their phone or tablet is all they know for entertainment.

Studies have suggested that technology actually has a negative effect on the developing child.  Namely mobile applications seem to be the main culprit for these negative effects.  The one solution here lies within parents.  Because then, who else will monitor not only what they do, but the amount of time they do it?

Talk to your child

I believe that we should give our kids some credit.  We owe it to them.  When we sit down with them to talk about these kinds of things, they can see that we value their input and that we want to reach some consensus.  This does not mean that you are going to compromise your parental authority.  It means that you want to discuss things in such a way that it makes sense for your child.

So speak to your child about the limits you are going to put and explain to him why.  Just snatching the device away from his hands and saying “stop”, will only bring about a tantrum of cataclysmic proportions.  So you see, you are not discussing if he should limit his app time but you are explaining the reasons why you have decided to do it.

Don´t give in

It is very important that when you have set rules, you follow through.  If you have already established a time for your kid to spend online, then you should strictly stick to it.  Don´t give in to beggings or attempts of negotiation.  This will only create a pattern of him believing that he can get more time easily.  Eventually, the line on the sand will be washed away.

Encourage other options

Think of the time in which you were a child yourself.  You did not have technology as we know it.  However, you probably had fun times with your friends or family.  So, provide alternative activities like going outside for a walk, play with the dog, play some hoops, anything healthier than being sitting around indoors.  Enroll them in ballet or soccer classes.  If the weather is not favorable, get all the family together in a board game.

Use mobile applications

No, I am not being ironic. In fact, there are mobile applications that allow you to set a time limit of phone usage.  Basically, these applications can block the phone after a certain time and it can only be unlocked with a password.  Some of the most popular include:

  • TimeAway
  • DinnerTime
  • Screen Time: Parental Control
  • Parentkit

Of course, if you would like to have your own personalized application, you can still go with that.  If that performs, you could even start selling it.   It probably sounds like a far cry but, the chances are not null.  Will you need help with that, AY Tech can help you build your own app.  It is actually pretty easy and affordable.