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Why you Should Check Your House for Mould

At Green Demo we are always asked by potential customers why they should submit their home for mould inspection Vancouver. Well, here is out reply.

Mould inspection can help you determine if you have moulds infesting your home. As moulds have a lot of bad consequences to the sellability of your home and your health as homeowner, removing them early is imperative. You don’t want to end up getting sick and with an unmarketable home do you?

It is not a good idea to test your house for moulds on your own. The best and most accurate way to test form mould samples is done by professional testers. Bear in mind that there are health hazards when dealing with this problem on your own. Professionals, on the other hand, have the wherewithal to deal with your mould situation. So if you want to test your home for moulds, call the professionals.

Signs of Mould Infestation in Your Home

You will know that moulds are already in your home if you notice these signs. Don’t dare to deal with the problems on your own but, call the professionals to deal with it. But even if you’re not a professional mould inspector, you can tell through these signs if moulds are starting to infest your home.

  1. Allergic symptoms

    Coughing and sneezing are one of the signs that you have it at home. You need to immediately consult a doctor to find out whether these symptoms are caused by moulds or not. When it is confirmed that it’s caused by moulds, have it exterminated immediately. If you wait for later, your condition could get worst into some advanced stage of lung problems.

  2. Mould odors

    You would also sense that mouldy odour coming from the hidden place in your home. Don’t ignore it because it is a sure sign that moulds are already growing. Immediately call for an inspection service to your home to find out.

  3. Visible mould growth

    After the above signs are ignored, you can expect mould growth to become visible. It will show in the bathroom, in the attic and in the basement. By this time, your home is on the brink of being inhabitable. If you’re going to sell it in this state, don’t expect to get the best appraisal for it. You don’t have to wait for the situation to grow this bad, you have to act immediately at the first sign of moulds.

If you have moisture problems at home, you’d expect to eventually have moulds problem too. Moulds love to grow in damp and dark places where they will not be disturbed. If you find some discoloration in your wall, you can be sure that something is leaking somewhere. You have to find where it is and fix it. At Green Demo, we provide professional mould inspection and removal service that would bring your home to a safe and marketable state. Call us immediately when you have problems with your home.