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Why you should build a stone patio for your children to play on

No matter how big or small your backyard is, it definitely has the potential to become your family’s favourite hangout. A stone patio project can be both creative and fun, allowing you to experiment with a limitless amount of ideas and make it a great place to bring the family together. When I decided to make something of our patio I had no idea of any of this. It turned out to be a very creative project. I turned to a professional masonry company for advice and planning. Once we had brainstormed some ideas I turned the construction over to them. Based in Vancouver, Centuria Masonry can provide full advice, planning and installation to make your project both easy and cost efficient. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider having a patio installed and how you can keep it child-friendly.

A place to bring the family together

A sturdy patio table with some deckchairs will create the perfect place for family meals and entertaining guests. All kinds of additions can be made to suit your needs like a stone barbeque, a roof covering or a play area for the kids. A patio gives you the perfect space for these and more.


Adds aesthetics and creative design to your home

A nicely set stone patio can make your home look beautiful and inviting.  All families want a home that is both child-safe and convenient, a Patio allows a beautiful place to relax and unwind during the day while still being able to keep an eye the kids. Masonry companies in Vancouver offer a wide range of textures and colours to choose from to create beautiful designs in a family-safe environment.


A play area

Having a large flat area can allow the perfect place to create a play area. Outdoor padding can be added to ensure extra safety if you have toddlers. You can even create an enclosed pen to keep them safe while getting all the fresh air they need.


Easy to clean and maintain

Concrete surfaces are easy to clean and keep well maintained. Most spills can be washed away easily with a garden hose or a power washer for those tougher stains. With brick paving stones repairs can be easily made and replaced without having to redo the entire patio. The end result after replacing a few bricks will look seamless and as though nothing had happened to your patio.


Make sure your patio is child-friendly

It’s inevitable that even with all the care and supervision, slips, trips and falls will occur. But there are a few things you can do to lessen the damage. Consider non-slip stones, especially if you have a pool or any area prone to getting wet.

Creating a child-friendly patio takes a bit of planning but the time and effort are well worth it both for safety and accessibility. The benefit of having a patio designed with kids in mind will be apparent once you see them enjoying the spaces made just for them, all while you can enjoy a convenient cleanup and easy supervision.