Year Without Disney


Hello and welcome to my blog, Year without Disney! I am Anna Miller and am a mother of two beautiful daughters. I really like spending time with my kids and teaching them a lot of outdoor sports and games. I also love cooking and I try to find something new to cook if I have a time. Plus, I love doing physical activities that will keep me active; after all, I am a personal trainer too!

As you can see, I am a very active mother and thus, I can easily avoid watching Disney movie for a year, but my kids are the exception. However, we decided to remove all and everything Disney for a year to see what will happen. Of course, at the beginning, it’s a challenge because the girls really love watching Disney movies. But my husband and I decided to continue taking on the challenge and we have succeeded!

That’s why our mission is to help you do the same thing as us. You might want to limit your Disney movie intake or try on the challenge too and we are here to help. It will be a difficult mission at the beginning but as the time goes, you’ll see that it will become easier and easier, if you know how to deal with it.

That is the main purpose of my blog, Year without Disney. I will help you find ways to eliminate or stop watching any kind of Disney shows for at least a year. I will also post some of our successful tips and tricks as well as some recent events that we did to stop or hinder our urge to watch Disney movies.

We hope that you can find this blog helpful in your endeavor to avoid Disney movies for at least a year. Try this challenge and you’ll probably discover a lot of new activities and fun things to do.

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